Pro Bono

Extensively engaged in pro bono cases, taking on several opportunities to represent those who would otherwise have difficulty in accessing or navigating the justice system. David believes fervently, in the right to fair representation, his pro bono practice reflects that commitment. One such example, was his representation of the interests of homeless people to defend their right to exist.


Alternative dispute resolution has become a significant part of this practice, as counsel in arbitrations, and as a neutral. Case example: Intervenor on behalf of the British Columbia International Arbitration Centre, in front of the Supreme Court of Canada. The submission stated that the courts should provide deference to the commercial arbitration process, given the consensual nature of the process and the choice by the parties to avoid the courts.

Injunctions and Anton Piller Orders

File injunctions for clients ranging from individuals to massive corporations and regularly delivers favourable outcomes. Often called upon by other firms to support in this area of practice.

Crisis Management

Provide insight on methods to manage crisis and public relations communications. Knowledge and experience ensure clients are well guided through potentially damaging situations. Cases in this area are frequently intense and require swift action to safeguard clients’ rights.

Intellectual Property

Over 25 years’ experience working with clients ranging from solo inventors and entrepreneurs to small and medium-sized enterprises and multinational companies to enforce, protect and exploit intellectual property rights and assets. Practice includes all matters of intellectual property, litigation before courts, and enforcement and anti-counterfeiting.

Commercial Litigation

Work in this practice is guided by the understanding that litigation must first serve the client's business purposes. Litigation expertise includes technology and software disputes, fraud investigations professional indemnity/negligence, and commercial disputes.

Defamation & Free Speech

David’s practice in defamation provides him with some incredible stories, and give him a wide-range of experience. He advises on a plethora of cases, speaks on Continuing Legal Education Society of BC’s panels, and is often a primary contact for defamation issues. One of his most recent cases involved representing a client who was the target of an internet defamation campaign by an environmental activist.  David’s free speech practice has produced landmark decisions, most recently involving a petition for Google to remove a particular search result from their engine, a previously unheard of judgement. David works to strategize with clients on maintaining reputation while keeping a business-focused approach, and continually delivers extraordinary success in this particular ar