Client Work

Supreme Court of Canada

1704604 v. Pointes 2020 SCC 22; Bent v. Platnick 2020 SCC 23: Lead intervenor counsel in the first two anti-SLAPP cases to be heard by the Supreme Court of Canada. Appeared on behalf of a coalition of women’s rights groups arguing that anti-SLAPP legislation should be interpreted in a way that facilitates the reporting and disclosure of gender-based violence.

Google v. Equustek 2017 SCC 34: Lead counsel intervenor counsel in a landmark case involving extraterritorial orders affecting intellectual property and free speech, representing Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Sattva Capital v. Creston Moly 2014 SCC 53:  Lead intervenor counsel in a case dealing with contract interpretation and deference to arbitral awards, representing the British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre (now Vancouver International Arbitration Centre).

Other Cases

Steven Galloway v. A.B. et al, 2019 BCSC 395: Represented A.B., the main defendant in a nationally publicized defamation action, in an application to have her identity protected.  Following a sexual assault complaint, the media obtained the claim and published A.B.’s name before the plaintiff served her. There was significant backlash against A.B, including threats to her physical safety.  We successfully argued that A.B.’s identity should be protected through an anonymization order, a publication ban, and sealing order, pending trial.

Mother 1 v. Solus Trust Company and others, 2019 BCSC 200: Representing a minor beneficiary, Child 3, in an estate case in the British Columbia Supreme Court where the deceased died without a will, leaving five children, by five different women, and an estate in excess of CA$10-million. Successfully defeated the claim of Mother 1 to entitlement to the estate, leaving all funds to the five children.

Maple Ridge (City) v. Scott, 2019 BCSC 157: Defence of injunction to displace homeless people from a camp in Maple Ridge.

Hunter v. British Columbia Lottery Corporation, 2018 BCSC 816: Representing the British Columbia Lottery Corporation in defense of a breach of copyright allegation over its use of the iconic Canadian maple leaf in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.

Jeke Enterprises v. Northmont Resort Properties, 2017 BCCA 38: Appeal regarding contract interpretation of share interests in time share property.

Mainstream Canada v. Staniford, 2013 BCCA 341: Advising as plaintiff counsel in a defamation action against an environmental activist over an anti-salmon farming internet campaign through trial and appeal.

FortisBC: Advising as counsel throughout major unionized labour dispute in British Columbia, and throughout a subsequent injunction.

Korea Ginseng Corp.: Advising as counsel to obtain and enforce Federal Court Anton Piller Orders to seize fake Korea Ginseng products.

Woodpecker v. Wiston, 2013 Vancouver Docket S136406: Advising as counsel to obtain an interlocutory injunction in BC Supreme Court to restrain competitor Wiston International from marketing products under the name "Woodpecker," a trade-mark that Wiston International originally owned.

Coastal Contacts v. Elastic Path Software, 2013 BCCA 541: Appeal of an arbitral award relating to relief from forfeiture.

On Call v. TELUS, 2013 BCCA 366: Counsel for TELUS in arbitration and appeals against an ISP, On Call Internet Services Ltd., over fees that were claimed due and owing.

Air Canada v. CAWU, 2011 BCSC 888: Advising in its Supreme Court of British Columbia application for an interlocutory injunction to restraint the Canadian Auto Workers Union from illegal picketing.